Choose the per event entertainment service that works for you

eOBJX Per Event is party entertainment rented by the hour

Just like adding a photo booth or hiring a music DJ for your event or party, eObjx is an event entertainment and decor service that you rent by the hour. eObjx offers three kinds of services – Starter, Basic and Premium.

No matter which service you choose, eObjx is guaranteed to add life to your party. Be sure to add the Media Zip Archive and Video Keepsake to your order if you'd like a copy of all media objects uploaded to your eObjx and a video keepsake.



The quick and easy way to create an instant slideshow of photos, images and GIFs in real-time, on-the-fly during your event


per hour

Input number of rental hours in PayPal popup

  • Private Add URL
  • Private Play URL
  • Preload day of event
  • Upload photos, images, and GIFs only
  • Single file upload
  • Mobile Add/Create
  • Delete during playback
  • Email support

    • Image Slideshow
    • Manual



For those looking for more – more media types including videos with more playback variety that's dynamic, easy and affordably fun


per hour

Input number of rental hours in PayPal popup

  • Everything in STARTER plus:
  • Upload videos
  • Integrate livestream in playback

    • A.I. OBJXShow
    • Photo Montage
    • Multimedia Slideshow
    • Manual



Our most sophisticated service for the seasoned event professional looking for more features, control and options


per hour

Input number of rental hours in PayPal popup

  • Everything in BASIC plus:
  • Preload 3 days before your event
  • Advanced Media User Interface (Admin)
  • Optional login security for Admin
  • Unique Playback + Admin URLs
  • Multi-file upload
  • Delete outside of playback
  • Customizable wallpaper background
  • Individual download of objects

    • A.I. OBJXShow
    • Photo Montage
    • Multimedia Slideshow
    • Manual
    • Individual object play

EVENT RENTAL TIP :: Order only the amount of playing time you need which may be less than your event's duration. Your charged playing time doesn't begin until you choose a playback for the very first time. Since we make your event's private ADD web address available to you to share with others before your event starts – for Basic, it's day of and for Premium, it's up to 3 days in advance – you can preload your eObjx in advance so there's content even for the very first playback.

For example, if your event is 4 hours long, purchase 2 or 3 hours of rental playing time. Use the first hour of your event to capture and preload photos, videos, etc. so your eObjx starts with plenty of entertainment in its first projection. For weeklong events or those with a longer duration, choose eObjx Premium and upload objects as early as 3 days before the first reveal.

NOTE: We supply the software, you supply the hardware – computer, Internet access, and display (projector, screen, etc.)

Want to use eObjx on a regular basis for your event agency, nightclub, event venue or event business?

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