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Over the past few years, we’re been developing a new, interactive media and storytelling platform for AR/VR using basic artificial intelligence. Tech analysts actually called it “brilliant” during demos (but we aren’t the kind to let it go to our heads). But the curse of our constant curiosity, we were also told that we’re too far ahead of the curve. So we started brainstorming simple ways to demonstrate some basic capabilities of our platform so others can begin to comprehend our much bigger vision.

At the same time, I was managing an applied arts gallery and premium event space here in San Francisco. Our event clients represented a who’s who of Silicon Valley. Having led the production of over 100 events in my own career and now an event venue director, I was continuously baffled by the number of clients who spent thousands on event production yet failed to start with a core party concept – how do you engage all guests so it becomes an active, vibrant celebration and not a totally lifeless, passive party?

With the inherent group dynamic of active participation built-in plus the automated and continuous mixing and remixing capabilities of our platform, eOBJX seemed like an answer. We tested eOBJX and the number of “Wow’s”,“This is awesome” and “So cool’s” received were all that we needed to move ahead.

Our goals for eOBJX are straightforward: For guests – to provide an active means to create an eye-popping entertainment experience together, to provide instant gratification, and to generate guest good times for making memories together that can last long after the party ends. And for hosts – to provide an easy and worry-free yet powerful entertainment so you can let go, walk away, and enjoy your party too.

We’re still trying to figure out exactly what to call this new entertainment and mixed media lifeform. (If you’ve got any ideas for names, we’re all ears!)

Thanks so much for checking us out and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or how we can help.

Co-Founder | CEO


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