Independent Sales Rep | Top Sales Promoter
Venues, Clubs, Events + Parties

Projected annual earnings
$40,000 - $150,000+

Commission based (20% of gross sales)

Do you have a passion for parties, events, and entertainment? Are you an event promoter or producer, or perhaps a wedding or private party planner looking to make even more for your services or on the side? Or someone just looking to put your mind, talents and skills to work to learn about some cutting-edge tech while earning a reasonable hourly wage and a flexible schedule? If you have sales in your blood, a personality that lights up a room, excellent follow-through, integrity and accountability, then we want to speak with you.

eOBJX (pronounced e-objects) has developed a new kind of real-time Event Entertainment Service that's powered by artificial intelligence and group participation. eOBJX is the artificially intelligent mixed media DJ that smartly assembles media "objects" - photos, videos, GIFs, livestream + more - to create a continuous movie-like projection in real-time at an event. eOBJX is an Internet service rented hourly that plays continuously always looking for new content uploaded to automatically incorporate into the next mix. eOBJX is a private and secure with NO apps, NO downloads, NO logins, NO Social, and NO ads to mess with.

We created eOBJX to add life to any party as it's a very simple and easy yet powerful way to encourage true group collaboration. We're also about tech for good so want event and party attendees to look up from their phones and be present as we help quash the phenomenon created by smartphone addiction known as "being alone together." We also developed eOBJX to demonstrate another possible application that's powered by our more complex platform - iObjx - that we've been developing for "intercreativity" and the world of AR/VR. (Yes, very next gen.)

eOBJX has been tested and used with all kinds of seasoned event producers across a variety of events and they've shared it's "awesome", "totally new", "super easy" and a "no-brainer" for events. We are now public with what we've been up to and ready to tell the world about our service but "puffing out our chests" and "merchandising how great we are" isn't part of our natural behavior.  This is why we need you.

We are seeking energetic and upbeat individuals with exceptional phone and in-person selling and presentation skills. While you can certainly work from home, there may be times when you need to present in person. You'll be selling directly to venues (nightclubs and video bars), event producers and vendors, wedding and private party planners and end customers too.

Our independent sales program can be financially rewarding to those who have the drive. Sell to a single customer who produces several events a month or a venue that hosts events nightly and your potential earnings can increase exponentially.

Single use sales average $250 -$600 and monthly recurring subscriptions start at $2,500. Multiply total gross sales by the 20% commission we pay you, and your earnings potential can add up very quickly. If you're really good at what you do, six figures is very do-able since we are a global product with unlimited target prospects.

Here's a sample calculation:
25 events/wk x $450 sales price/event x 4wks/mo x 20% commission
= $9,000/mo
= $108,000/yr

Okay, so here's what we're looking for:


  • Sell eOBJX service - monthly subscriptions and single use.
  • Establish weekly meeting and monthly sales goals (established together).
  • Contact prospects in a timely fashion. (Call sheets provided by eOBJX.)
  • Qualify and rate prospects. Schedule and conduct inquiry meetings with sales prospects - venues, clubs, producers, planners, event vendors (DJs), and event hosts.
  • Present to local clients in-person as needed
  • Schedule and attend product demos by eOBJX team.
  • Close sales prospects.
  • Manage customer relationships post-sale as needed (i.e. especially subscription customers)
  • Attend local customer events as needed.
  • Maintain and update shared call sheet. Record consistent and appropriate follow-up communications with inquiries and prospective customers throughout the sales cycle
  • Identify new prospects through events, advertising, networking and community outreach.
  • Establish and maintain professional relationships within the events community.
  • Troubleshoot account needs as needed.
  • Meet or exceed weekly and monthly sales goals.
  • Assist in developing and nurturing long-term relationships with each customer.


  • Previous experience in a sales role with a proven track record of closing deals. 5+ years experience preferred, and experience in a commission based role preferred.
  • Experience in events, event promotion, venue, nightlife, event gets bonus points.
  • Wired for sales and developing strong relationships with customers. Customers love, trust and respect you.
  • Demonstrate ability and knack for developing rapport with prospects and referral sources quickly and naturally.
  • Proven ability to network, develop referral sources, and generate leads.
  • Possess a positive, team-first attitude with high energy and confidence.
  • Self-motivated with ability to work your way out of "sales slumps" and meet or exceed quotas with consistency.
  • Natural curiosity to learn, especially new technologies. Able to grasp concepts quickly for selling a new kind of experience and technology (yes, we'll train you)
  • Basic understanding for how to connect a projector or second screen (e.g. a video monitor) to a computer (don't fret, we can teach you too)
  • Have a phone and computer with dependable internet access
  • Excellent follow-through with a reputation for being dependable, accountable, reliable, plus an attention span that exceeds 140 characters
  • Possess strong verbal communication skills
  • Have a working knowledge of Google Docs (Docs and Sheets at a minimum)
  • You are prepared to start immediately

Note, we don't think it matters if you do or don't have a college degree as "hustle" (in the most positive sense) is something we believe can't be taught at any institution. Yes our team went to college and has advanced degrees but "street smarts" is something you have or don't have.

And finally, we encourage candidates steeped with experience who are on a second or third career to apply. We know what it's like looking and applying for a job.

We are an experienced, innately curious, and humble team - okay, too humble many say - which is why we need sales talent to add some serious swag to our story and selling. If we play our cards right together, we have the potential to live up to what many have actually shared - to be "the next big thing". (We know sales is our Achilles heel).

We are self-funded and based in San Francisco and Chicago (Google us or search on LinkedIn). We don't look like your typical startup as our team has been around the block a bit with plenty of life and business experience so walking our talk with substance to back it all up is most important to us. With a background that includes nightlife, event and street marketing, we're heading down a different path versus most startups growing from the ground up creating a national sales team of independent representatives.

Interested? Please send us your resume to ObscureMyCareersEmail along with a brief cover note of 3-5 sentences.

We're not fans of resume spiders and crawlers so we don't use ATS software. In another words, human eyes will be looking at all resume and cover letter submissions so we encourage you to put your best foot forward.

We're just getting started and hope you'll join us. We look forward to receiving your submission.

eObjx was named a "Top 25 Event Tech Company to Watch" by Event Manager Blog.

Please know that we do not share your email or personal information with anyone.

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